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Seeing the words A Stephen Spielberg Film on a movie poster are bywords for quality and film making excellence. The Cincinnati Born film director is the highest grossing US director of all time, his movies have amassed a staggering $9 billion at the box office. His early works such as Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and ET virtually invented the craze of the summer blockbuster.
Spielberg has won two academy awards for best director, firstly in 1993 for Schindler's list. A beautifully moving story of Oskar Schindler a German businessman played by Liam Neeson who saves the lives of more than a thousand Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. The second Oscar came five years later for the epic war drama Saving Private Ryan starring Tom Hanks. Stephen Spielberg can cross many genres, scoring huge box office successes, this list includes many of his greatest movies. Play this game and choose your favourite and see how it compares with others on the league table.

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