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Spoof movies or otherwise known as parody films are a sub genre of comedy films. A spoof film will parody a certain genre, film or mixture of films for comic affect. In this game we have listed many of our favourites spoof films for you to pick your Number one choice. 
When it comes to the finest in parody filmmaking the same names appear time and again, Mel Brooks has many films that make our all time best list including Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs. Brooks has the ability to poke fun at many genres whether it be horror, the western or sci-fi. The boys from the Monty Python are also heavily featured within this list, but but will the much quoted Life of Brian or Holy Grail top your favourite parodies? All these films tickle are funny bone, we love Aeroplane!, This is Spinal Tap and Scary Movie, we find it so tough to pick the best out of these films classics, can you pick your winner?

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