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We're not quite sure why, but the British Isles has produced some of the most influential rock bands the world is ever seen. Ever since the British invasion of the 1960s British bands have left a irreplaceable mark on the world music scene. This Primomo game poses the question of who is the greatest of these great bands. Heading our great British bands shortlist are of course the Beatles, the fab four from Liverpool changed rock and popular music forever. The eternal question in popular music is are you a Beatles or stones fan, and of course this list could not be complete without the Rolling Stones. The ageing rockers still sell-out huge arenas to this day. Other stadium rock bands make the list include Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and Queen. 
The disenfranchised sound of punk rock defined a generation in the UK and the leading lights of that movement the sex pistols and the Clash are also here for your selection. Many genres within the rock soundscape I represented within the list bit from the Glam rock sounds of T. Rex to the indie alternative offering of The Smiths. We are sure this will offer up a challenging but entertaining choice to find your favourite British band of all time. We hope you enjoy discovering your best band.

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