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What makes a good Action film? Stunts, things blowing up, hi octane chases, life threatening situations and of course you need a great Hero in the middle, just kicking some serious ass!
This game has got the best of the best from the world of Action Movies. In good, bad or plain cheesy Action films, these guys own it, from slick cool suited guys to powerful musclemen, all bases are covered here.
But who would you pick as your favourite Action Star of all time? The 1970s was when the genre was first popularized so maybe the likes of Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris or the martial arts genius that was Bruce Lee will take your vote. Arguably the 80s was the golden age of action, Arnold Schwarzenegger, so Sylvester Stallone and star of the Die Hard series Bruce Willis all became huge global superstars. Or maybe your winner will come from a more current age of Hollywood? Also included are Jason Statham, Jackie Chan and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Vote for your favourite and don't forget to check out the Related Lists section.

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